Department Chair

Assoc. Irena Bokova, Ph.D.


Irena Bokova, PhD is an Associate Professor in Cultural Anthropology, Doctor of Philosophy, a tutor in the Anthropology Department. She teaches courses in Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Tourism, Visual Anthropology, Research Methods and Anthropology, etc. She teaches in BA Anthropology, BA Political Science, in Bulgarian and in French, as well as in Master’s Programmes related to Tourism, Cinema and Television.


She conducts field research on the problems of the city, the cultural heritage, cultural policies, mobility, collective identities, the relations between society and nature in a contemporary context, tourism and cultural resources. She has authored two monographs (in joint authorship), papers and articles published in Bulgarian and in foreign languages and also compiles and edits NBU publications, especially the topical issues, expert assessment, and reviews academic papers.


She is also a screenwriter and consultant of ethnographic films and a consultant of ethnographic exhibitions. She is the founder and head of the Academic Summer School of Anthropology for training in field research with international participation. She conducts field work in a number of European countries; she is also head of research and a participant in interdisciplinary national and international studies, Editor-in-Chief of Living Heritage magazine, edition of UNESCO Regional Center – Sofia.



Contact information:
Building 2, Room 615
tel.: 02/8110615
e-mail: ibokova@nbu.bg